Notes by Our Faculty

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6TH SEM MINING (Mine Geology-II- part2)
6TH SEM MINING (Mine Geology-II- part1)
5TH SEM MECHANICAL (Design of Machine Elements)
3RD SEM MECHANICAL (Production Technology)
5TH SEM MECHANICAL (Refrigeration & Air Conditioning)
3RD SEM MECHANICAL (Thermal Engineering-I)
1ST SEM COMMON (Engineering Physics)
1ST SEM COMMON (Computer Application)
1ST SEM COMMON (Engineering Math-I)
5TH SEM MECHANICAL (Entrepreneurship & Management & Smart Technology)
5TH SEM MINING (Entrepreneurship & Management & Smart Technology)
6TH SEM MINING (Mine Machinery-II)
4T SEM MINING (Mine Survey-II)
3RD SEM MINING (Mine Survey-I)
4TH SEM MINING (Mine Ventilation)
3RD SEM MINING (Surface Mining Technology))
5TH SEM MINING (Mine Hazard & General Safety)
3RD SEM MINING (Mine Geology-l) (Elements of Mineralogy)
4TH SEM MINING (Underground Coal Mining)